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A major objective of Delectation of Tomatoes, etc. is to enhance physical health, contribute to the enjoyment of food, and encourage ecologically responsible and sustainable gardening practices by providing a wide variety of the healthiest, best tasting, and locally grown produce available. We use all natural and OMRI listed products (including humates, compost/worm castings tea, sea kelp, fish emulsion, etc.), amend soil with 70 trace minerals, and control pests with cultural practices and IPM principles. As of January 2020, we have seeds of 3,300 varieties in stock, about two-thirds of these tomatoes. Peppers, melons, beans, squash, eggplant, and lettuce are also well represented, but there are many more. Seedlings of some 70 varieties of heirloom tomatoes, and perhaps some other types, will be available from May until early June in the Price area. Availability in the Wasatch Front area is TBD - it's a 4-hour and $50 round trip. This is a one-person, home-based operation, so best to email first. I just moved with Delectation of Tomatoes to East Carbon, Utah in January, 2020. The elevation here is 6,200', the growing season is very short, this place has never had a garden, and there is no greenhouse or high tunnel. At this point (Jan. 25, 2020), it remains to be seen whether I will have the time, energy and financial means to construct a big enough garden from scratch to be able to offer any fresh produce this year. You're more than welcome to contribute to this project through PayPal, [email protected] For now, the primary focus of Delectation of Tomatoes is on seed production. So there are a few plants of lots and lots of varieties, not bushels of any one variety; and I don't have the resources to keep a steady supply of any one type or variety. This is just a backyard garden this year. Another major project is to develop affordable technology for growing food year-round, especially in earth-sheltered greenhouses, to help fill that huge gap during "The other six months" when locally produced garden vegetables are so hard to find. I am available for consultation, presentations, workshops and the like.

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