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Berry Brothers have recently purchased the Leduc Blueberry farm. The Leduc's have farmed this land for 68 years and they leave a great legacy behind. Mark and Heidi Keister are the retail managers and have partnered with the Berry Brothers in continuing to bring you the best blueberries, baked goods, and retail products that customers have learned to expect with the Leduc's. Visit our blueberry farm in Paw Paw, Michigan to say hi! Mark and Heidi along with their daughters and their families have been born and raised in the Paw Paw area and are proud to be carrying on the legacy of the Leduc family! Mark has been a concrete contractor in southwest Michigan for over 30 years, while Heidi has poured her passion for serving people through Outpouring of Hope . They also are founders of Rilynn Rose Candles, which was created to help children and their families who are in need of a life-saving organ transplant. We look forward to continuing to serve our community here at Berry Brothers Retail.

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