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Welcome to Dancing Bee Apiary where we assure you dancing bees and always the most fruitful trees at our top of the world apiary! We strive to bring you only the highest quality products! Our dancing bees are free to graze on our wide variety of flowering and fruit producing trees, raspberry and black berry bushes, lavender blossoms, and our many different kinds of squash blossoms. All of our growing practices are done without the use of insecticides, pesticides, herbicides or any kind of harmful chemicals for that matter, and only use all-natural and organic fertilizers. We are as organic as nature allows! So you are guaranteed products free from harmful chemicals! We have a large selection of Fruit Trees, Shade Trees, Flowering Trees and Shrubs. All are available bareroot or potted depending on the time of year. Come take a look at the trees and enjoy a "Top of the World" view. At Dancing Bee Apiary we bring you nourishing body care using only the highest quality of all natural ingredients! We use no fillers, chemicals, artificial preservatives, or synthetic fragrances. Our labels will always state and our tubs and bottles will always contain 100% All Natural!!! To learn more about our ingredients, check out our Base Ingredients page and our Essential Oils page. Our soaps and lotions are blended with you in mind! We have taken the creme de la creme of ingredients and custom blended them to cure what ails ya! Whether it be strung out nerves from a long day of work, irritating irritated skin issues, or if your suffering from a case of the "debbie downers" we have a special blend for you.

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