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We are woman & veteran owned and have 34 acres that we homestead. We want to share our experience from city life to country living by providing educational experience and farm tours for all that come to our Mini Ranch. We want to educate adults and children who want to learn to can foods, butcher small animals and process meats and be more self-sufficient. We have found that the smaller animals work best for us because they are easier to handle, they are much easier on the land, they eat less, and our fences hold them. We have never had one of our mini cows push over our fence like the neighboring huge cows do. We raise Rhode Island Red and Issa Brown chickens feeding all our birds and pigs organic feed from Coyote Creek. We raise registered and DNA tested Kunekune pigs for those who want easy to care for & great tasting pigs, Nigerian Dwarf dairy goats, miniature cattle, Miniature donkeys and Mini Rex rabbits. We also raise Midget White turkeys classified as "Critical" by the American Livestock Breed Conservancy. The Midget White Turkey is relatively friendly and is especially well-suited to being raised on small farms and on a homestead. We also raise and sell Buff ducks and Pilgrim geese. Contact us for additional information on any of our animals.

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