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Bee2Bee Honey Collective provides beekeeping services and hyperlocal honey throughout Houston. We currently have over 60 beehives in 30+ micro-apiaries in Houston yards, on rooftops inside the loop, in suburbs and alongside businesses/non-profits. Our specialties include small-batch honeys, honey infusions and products of the beehive. We are always experimenting with new flavors and seeking special honey varietals. Our honeys are always unfiltered and raw. We�re licensed with the Texas Department of State Health Services and registered with the FDA, allowing us to sell online, retail and wholesale. Our mission is educational-- we provide beekeeping mentorship to individuals/families as well as classes and presentations on various subjects such as backyard beekeeping, urban pollination, honey varietals, honey marketing and honey pairing. The result is a small army of educated hobbyist beekeepers and an informed public. We currently have a limited selection of honeys, with many more flavors and neighborhoods to come. We separate harvests beehive to beehive, as each colony's foraging is different and results in a different terroir. If you are interested in a special flavor or neighborhood, please inquire.

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