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Breezy Knolls Farms concentrates on quality grass fed, pasture raised cattle from heritage breed registered Australian Lowline, known in the US as American Aberdeen Angus. The cattle receive no hormones, steroids or grains; their diet consists strictly of grasses and hay. The grasses are comprised primarily of fescue, bermuda, rye and clovers. The farm is pesticide and herbacide free. The cattle are rotated in an intensive grasses program to promote better soils and grass and to control parasites. Customers are encouraged to make arrangements to visit the farm to see the environment in which the cattle are raised. We also sell the live animal for those that may wish to start their own small herd or raise their own beef. The Australian Lowline is an excellent breed for homesteads due to their smaller size and docile nature. We also grow Elderberries for those interested in making Elderberry syrup for an immune booster.

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