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Converse farms is a small family owned and operated farm specializing in grass fed beef, pasture raised black heritage pork, pasture raised broiler chickens and TRUE pasture raised brown eggs. We provide high quality food by using natural methods to raise our animals. All of our animals are raised in movable pens in a pasture where they are moved either each day or a couple times a week. We base our farming techniques off of Joel Salatins style. Although all animals are raised in a pasture, they are supplemented with a high quality non-GMO, antibiotic-free and hormone-free feed. We have eggs available throughout the year. Our beef is ready between October-November each year (this sells fast, place an order early), pork is ready between November-December (just in time for your holiday ham) and our meat broilers are processed on our farm, therefore they must be picked up on our farm. They are available as a whole May-October! New this year, we have added pasture raised turkey that will be ready just in time for Thanksgiving! We also take orders for seasoned firewood! Feel free to stop by, we love visitors just as much as our animals!

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