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Good Life Ranch is a family owned and operated sustainable farm in south central Kentucky. We are Kentucky Proud certified, we use "beyond organic" techniques, and we utilize heritage breeds of livestock whenever we can. We raise all of our animals as naturally and humanely as we can. That means no painful castrations or branding, no feedlot fattening, no grain for ruminants, and no early weaning. We raise our ruminants (goats, sheep, cattle) on grass alone. Our pigs forage in the woods for acorns, roots, and tubers as well as receiving seconds from the garden. Our poultry (chicken and turkeys) spend their lives roaming freely in the pastures and gardens eating insects and green material. Even our rabbits live on pasture in movable tractors. We process our animals at a local, family-owned and operated facility only a few minutes the ranch. Our animals travel a very short distance and are kept together in groups so they are not anxious and stressed by being separated from the herd. We stay with them through the very end and supervise the process very closely. The well-being of our animals is our top priority throughout their lives. On our ranch, the animals truly have a Good Life. Currently our products are available through direct farm sales and our CSA program. Participating shareholders in our CSA program will receive a cooler full of farm fresh fruits, eggs, meats, and vegetables every Saturday from June 4th until October 15th, plus a Special Delivery of late fall vegetables and a HERITAGE BREED FREE RANGE THANKSGIVING TURKEY on the Saturday before Thanksgiving! See our webpage for pricing and further information.

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