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Bunny Hill Farms is a small family owned & operated farm. We offer young pasture raised Pilgrim Geese for sale suitable for showing, breeding or meat, live or dressed. Also available for sale are the very rare American Blue pedigreed rabbits. These are from high quality stock suitable for breeding, suitable for show and are available year-round. Some meat rabbits are also available for sale. These Heritage breeds of geese and rabbits are profiled on Slow Foods USA. They are available live or dressed. Seasonally available are Ancona ducks that is a breed on the Livestock Conservancy watch list. Occasionally available are East Friesian/Lacaune dairy sheep, Corriedale/Dorset sheep for fiber, Jersey Dairy individuals and quality Border Collie livestock dogs. We also offer home-sawed, untreated lumber that we have all year long that are organic garden and farm friendly! We saw them on our LT70 Woodmizer sawmill and never treat our lumber with any harmful chemicals! Our lumber is dried naturally in the fresh Wisconsin air! It is non-toxic and environmentally friendly and can be used for what ever project you want. Great for building deep bed gardens, storage sheds or outbuildings. You are limited only by your imagination! We can custom saw to your specs, your wood or ours. Limited amounts of sawdust are also available on occasion. More info on Pilgrim Geese & American Blue & White Rabbits on our products visit

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