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Enjoy a weekly or bi-weekly 3/4 bushel box of fresh vegetables and herbs delivered to over 40 Chicagoland area sites from June through October. Angelic Organics is an organically certified Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) vegetable and herb farm located in north-central Illinois, just minutes from Rockford and 1.5 hours from Chicago, at 1547 Rockton Rd., Caledonia, IL 61011. Growing organic, biodynamic vegetables since 1990. In addition to our vegetable shares, we also offer an optional organic fruit share, provided by the FruitGuys. Fruit shares provide an opportunity for you to support organic fruit growers and receive fresh, tasty fruit varieties. The fruit share is delivered bi-weekly. While every vegetable that you receive from Angelic Organics is grown on our Chicago area CSA farm, none of the fruit in the fruit share is. (Vegetable shares include our own, farm-grown melons when in season.) Ten Reasons Why Angelic Organics is Special Our Shareholders like us Read the many five star Yelp reviews by our shareholders. Also see shareholder reviews and many other shareholder posts on our Facebook page. We have been raising vegetables for our CSA since 1990, one of the first CSAs in the Midwest We have soil, infrastructure, equipment, managers and crew to grow great crops, year after year. Many of our employees have been with us over 10, even 20 years. And then there's Farmer John, who's been farming since 1957, when he started taking care of the chickens here. We are Fortified Against Drought and Heat Angelic Organics has two deep wells, powerful irrigation systems, and ample refrigeration space. Because of this and our stellar crew, we had a fabulous year in 2012, a year of record drought and heat. In 2013 and 2014 in spite of extensive spring flooding, our excellent crew and great lineup of equipment got the crops in on time, and we packed boxes full from the first week of the season through the last. Besides being Certified Organic, we grow Biodynamically Beyond meeting the requirements of farming organically, we are committed to nurturing soils and plants to extraordinary health! In 1993, this goal led us to adopt Biodynamic farming practices, which enhance both the substance and the forces in food. Customized Vegetable Shares We have partnered with Harvie, an online platform for customizing farm shares, to offer customized vegetable shares. Receive more desired items in your box and no unwanted items - more food enjoyment; less food disappointment; less food waste! Over 40 Pick-up Locations We know that many of our shareholders have busy lives so we offer over 40 locations, for your convenience, where you can pick up your share. Harvest from our U-Pick Garden We realize that many people, especially children, love to get out and harvest their own vegetables, herbs and flowers. Therefore we also grow a U-Pick garden here on the farm so our shareholders can experience harvesting them on their own. Angelic Organics Learning Center The Learning Center empowers people to create sustainable communities of soils, plants, animals and people through educational, creative, and experiential programs. It's a tremendous educational resource headquartered at Angelic Organics, offering myriad programs that connect people to the earth and one another. "The Real Dirt on Farmer John", a Feature Film about Angelic Organics "The Real Dirt on Farmer John" is a haunting odyssey which documents over 50 years of Farmer John's farm and his life. The film has been seen by millions in theaters and on television throughout the world, and has won 31 festival awards. Get to know your farm and your farmer from the comfort of your home via Netflix or Amazon. Angelic Organics is a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) family farm that has been growing organic, Biodynamic vegetables and herbs for people in the Chicago and North Central Illinois area since 1991. We work directly with households like yours, without the intermediary of stores or wholesalers. This allows us to provide the freshest quality produce and the most competitive organic prices. Click More CSA Details for more information on our CSA program.

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