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Baba's Oasis is a small-scale family-owned vegetable farm located in Memphis, Tennessee. We grow a wide range of produce, all sold in Memphis, Tennessee via our online store and our farmer's market stand. In addition to fresh herbs, fruits, and vegetables, we also offer raw honey produced by our very own bees, fresh mushrooms, dried herbs, dried mushrooms, canned vegetables, pickles, sauces, salsa and infused sugars. How We Play in Dirt We farm in a manner that enriches and conserves the soil, produces healthy, attractive produce, and is safe for you and us -- by not touching the soil. We grow in raised beds, so we can have more control of our crops and leave little impact on the earth. We apply no chemical pesticides, petroleum-based or non-organic treatments, herbicides, pesticides, or fungicides of any kind. We also keep a habitat for ladybugs and praying mantis, as they are excellent for pest control.

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