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Raw, grass-fed Jersey cow milk for animal consumption only - A2 Milk. Free-roaming chickens - pastured eggs - dark orange yolks - high vitamin-A - also have homemade goods on occasion - apple chips, raisins, salsa, specialty cheeses and kefir. Also, and very, very important, the milk from the cow's utters goes into a stainless-steel canister, and from there, it is poured into Ball Mason glass half-gallon jars which have been stored in a freezer and are completely sterile. The milk coming out of a cow is about 100-degrees Fahrenheit temperature, so going into glass means no residue will occur, but going into a 1-gallon plastic container, can that also be said? Plastic is a carcinogen. Why is it that ailments which did not exist 40+ years ago, now exist? Surely, centralized food processing and the pharmaceutical industries have failed us. Don't be fooled.

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