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Brush Creek Honey Farm was founded in 1989 by Randall Staggs, a third-generation beekeeper who learned early in life from his grandfather about the joys of beekeeping. Randall and his wife, Cathey; along with their daughter, Amber; son-in-law, Junior; two sons, Brad and Devin; and three grandkids; operate Brush Creek Honey Farm, which has been producing pure, all-natural honey for over 26 years. Located in Southern Middle Tennessee, along the Tennessee and Alabama state line and bordering the scenic Natchez Trace Parkway, Brush Creek Honey Farm is situated directly in the middle of prime wilderness country. Our bees have an unlimited amount of Tennessee Wildlife Reserve lands to forage on which means that our honey and other products are insecticide and pesticide free. Our honey is a blend of native Tennessee wildflowers, honeysuckle, blackberries, sourwood, clover, alfalfa, multi-floral rose bushes, apple trees, and pear trees to name a few. Our honey is raw (this means that it has not been continuously filtered or heated for pasteurization) and still contains all of it's naturally occurring vitamins and minerals.

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