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Amaltheia Organic Dairy is an organic, sustainable farm that produces organic goat cheeses. We make fresh, delicious chevre, ricotta and feta from our grade A goat milk. We sell our products on both coasts, and supply fine restaurants with our products as well. We have three ACS award-winning goat cheeses. We ae USDA and FDA inspected. The goats enjoy life near the Bridger Mts. outside of Bozeman, MT. We utilize all of our by-products organically. All of the manure is composted to organic standards and we sell compost by the bag and truckload. We are partners in a grant with MSU to produce high quality compost. It is awesome! Our whey, the by-product of the cheese, is fed to organic pigs. The pigs are fed 60% whey, are pasture raised, and are happy and healthy! We sell organic pork to restaurants, stores, and individuals. It is lean, nutritious, and delicious. We are looking for interns who know or are willing to learn about organic farming with goats, hogs, and produce.

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