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Clover Mead Farm is located in the Northern Adirondacks overlooking Lake Champlain, and has been under continuous cultivation since the late 1700's. In the first half of the last century the Farm was well known for the fresh milk & cheese that was once produced there, and sold throughout the region. Today Clover Mead Farm is owned by Denise & Sam Hendren who have re-established the farm's once proud tradition of high quality dairy products by producing Certified Organic cheese in their farmstead creamery with the milk from their small herd of Jersey Cows. The Farm also produces certified organic vegtables. Clover Mead Farm Cheese can be purchased by calling the farm direcly. Your order will be shipped to you by UPS. You can visit the farm by calling in advance or look for our cheese at the Lake Placid or Troy farmers' markets,local retailers and restaurants.

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