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Pastured, Organically Raised, Soy-Free Poultry and Eggs Located in Locust Grove, GA We are a small family farm committed to the stewardship of the land and honoring organic principles/protocol. We raise pastured poultry, where our chickens range all day long at their own leisure. Their mobile fencing system covers a 10,000 square foot area and we move the fence on a rotating basis to give the birds new grass and to preserve the land. Our birds consume their natural diet of bugs, grass, seeds, and worms and are supplemented with Countryside Organics certified organic, soy-free chicken feed. No hormones, antibiotics, or vaccinations are ever given to our birds. They are healthy, happy, and produce the most delicious, nutrient dense eggs! Eggs are $5/dozen. Please contact us for directions or with any questions you may have. We welcome visits. We are also distributors for Countryside Organics Soy-Free feed. We stock layer ($35/50 lb bag), broiler, and chick/starter feeds ($37.50/50 lb bag).

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