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Deo Volente Farm provides the best tasting, anti-biotic/hormone free and non-medicated meat to customers who want healthy and delicious food to serve to their family. Currently, we are offering pastured chickens. They are kept in large pens that are moved to fresh pasture twice daily and are given a natural feed to supplement what they can pick up off the pasture. All of our feeds are hormone/anti-biotic free and non-medicated. Our chickens are normally raised to 10 weeks for an average of 8 lbs live weight or 6 lbs processed (freezer ready). The price for the Natural Freezer-Ready chickens is estimated at $2.85 per a pound. For 2009, we are doing twos of chickens. The first batch of chickens will be ready in late June. The second batch will be ready in late September. All orders are filled in the order that they come. If you are interested, contact us soon as we run out quickly. Please contact us with any questions or if you would like more information. You can also look at our website for more information. We are available by appointment only. Please contact us to set up a time if you would like to see our operation.

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