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Find A Way Farm is a small 80-acre family farm in southeastern Ohio. The centerpiece of the operation is pastured Katahdin sheep and lamb for direct sale to the consumer providing healthy and chemical free meat. Raising nutritious healthy lamb naturally is our goal at Find A Way Farm. We believe the heart of raising superior lamb is quality soil. Focusing our efforts on soil health produces plenty of succulent grass and legumes for grazing. Because of this, our lambs are able to enjoy a rich forage-only diet, and not grain, as nature intended. We take great care to ensure our lambs are raised in a healthy, stress-free environment. Our customers are guaranteed to receive lamb that is free of growth hormones and antibiotics. Grass-fed lamb on average is higher in Omega 3 Fatty Acids, and has three to five times more Conjugated Linoleic Acid than grain-fed industry lamb. In fact, grass-fed lamb is leaner than conventional supermarket lamb and higher in protein. In all, we believe our practices combined result in an eating experience that is both superior in taste and health

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