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Buy Local, Support Local ! Eat Local ! Enjoy Local ! It Takes YOU to start the Trend.... 2014 - HONEYBERRY PLANTS FOR SALE - 2014 GROW YOUR OWN... Everbearing- Day Neutral Strawberry - Hanging Strawberry Plants For Sale.... We Grow Em' We Sell Wholesale & Retail & Discounts on large orders... DAVE'S VEGGIES - ROUTE 41 - HOMER (607)543-0226 is our website.... Grower of Herbs (Stevia the Sweet Leaf Plant). Hybrid Basils, 100s Mint Plants too.... Grows Own Veggies...U-Pick-Em' Organic Blueberries (July-Sept) Grow and Sell Fresh Strawberries April thru October...Yes, Fresh Picked too...Sells All varieties of Veggie Plant Starts, Seeds, Seed Potatoes, Flowers, Perennials, Hanging Flowering Baskets, Hanging Everbearing Strawberries, Cut Herb's, Perennial Plants, Hard to Find, Unique Plants, Seeds, Veggies... We have Honyberry Plants also known as Haskaps and Saskatoons, The Mystery Berry... Very High in Antioxiants The blossom eary and produce before strawberries.... Lotsa interesting, plants, fresh produce from May thru October... Open 10-7 Daily thru August...Sept & October Open 12-6

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