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"Entertainment Farming" has been a very successful form of alternative marketing for lavender, especially as a focus for product sales and annual festivals. There are three agri-tourism basics: Have something for visitors to see, something for them to do, and something for them to buy. We have designed and laid out a labyrinth as the focal feature element of the farm. The labyrinth will serve at least two purposes; as a living display of the various types of lavender which will show off the various flower (bud) and vegetation colors as well as variances in scents; these lavenders will not be harvested until the end of the season and, secondly, as a place to stroll through, relax (rest a while on one of a few benches) and savor the wonderful calming lavender scent (Something to do). "Smell is a potent wizard that transports you across thousands of miles and all the years you have lived".- Helen Keller. Surrounding the labyrinth, on three sides, we have planted rows of a select few lavender cultivars which will be the main source of lavender for a range of marketable products ("Something to buy"). We will also, when feasible, demonstrate essential oil extraction using a Copper Alembic Distiller, a versatile distiller. It can be used as a water/steam distiller (where the plant material doesn't come in contact with water) the preferred method for quality essential oil extraction. (Something to see)

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