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Caretaker Farm, as one of the first Community Supported Agriculture farms in the country, has a rich history of care for the land, training future farmers, and cultivating community within the frame work and principles of organic agriculture. The 34-acre farm in Williamstown, Massachusetts is bisected by a small river and includes ponds, woodlands, pastures and vegetable land. While primarily dedicated to vegetable production, the farm has mixed livestock (Chickens and pigs), four greenhouses, and a bakery. Over 290 families and a local food pantry receive summer produce and 125 families receive a winter distribution of vegetables. Our mission every year is not just to provide incredible produce that is grown with no sprays or fertilizers of any kind(even those allowed under the USDA Organic standards). We aim to invite and encourage farm members to be in contact with the land that sustains them. All of our shares are distributed on farm through a free choice system in which farm members pick exactly what they want to include in their bag each week. The fields are also filled with many U-Pick crops including flowers, annual herbs(basil, dill, cilantro, parsley), 12 different types of perennial herbs, cherry tomatoes, saladette tomatoes, plum tomatoes, green beans, wax beans, edemame, snap peas, kale, raspberries and many more. We also offer workshops throughout the season to assist members in learning how to enjoy and store this incredible food.

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