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Welcome to Didaskalos Farms By the providence of God we are working our small farm in Donalds. SC. We started farming in 2004. So we have just a little experience now! :-) Our laying hens are awesome! We have Cinnamon Queens, Silver Laced Wyandottes, Buckeyes, Dominiques with a few others mixed in. They are supplying delicious eggs daily. Our chickens free range and are fed only organic soy free layer rations from New Country Organics in Virginia. They are $4.00 per dozen.** We have 9 Silver Appleyard ducks now with quite a few females. Our duck eggs should once again be available in the Spring. We have tried our hand at some Gulf Coast Native sheep. We processed the three males to experience the taste and they were awesome. We now have added 3 more ewes and a ram. Shearing is in the Spring so we will have wool for spinners. We are trying again to raise honey bees organically. We have two strong hives and one weaker colony but we will let nature take it course and let only the strong survive. 10/17/16 ****Farm update**** Our A2/A2 miniature Jersey cow has calved! A beautiful bull calf that will be registered and sold in the Spring. He has great A2/A2 genetics. Praise God we can be assured of getting 100% grass fed dairy here on our farm. We decided to go with the A2/A2 genetics because of the research linking A1 with inflammation especially in thyroid disorders which Farmer Elizabeth is now dealing with. We care about people and we want to help making this a better world. So as we learn we want to pass on what knowledge we glean. Call the farm for details about available milk. We have a limited supply being sold as "pet milk". ****We have pecans $4.00 a pound in the shell. Several varieties grown organically. ****

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