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Broad Wing Farm includes 3 1/2 acres of Certified Naturally Grown vegetables and herbs along with additional pastures and woods devoted to livestock. We are now offering CSA shares for our 2016 season! Small is beautiful and our scale allows us to attend to details and quality. We grow cover crops to protect and nourish the soil and rotate crops to avoid depleting the soil and building up pest pressure. We use natural fertilizers and manage pests, weeds and disease without synthetic chemicals as we work to balance minerals in our soil, build organic matter, and increase soil health. As farmers we know we feel best eating fresh, delicious food grown with dedication. The rich experience begins with the beauty of the food and deepens when cooking a meal for loved ones and enjoying increased health and energy as the food fuels us. Nature is our life: the details of the dance of seasons in wildlife and plants express themselves in our craft. We are dedicated to growing and harvesting high quality foods and herbs for ourselves and our farm family. Find details on our website and don't hesitate to contact us! We invite you to visit and see how we grow. We look forward to developing relationships with those who enjoy our produce.

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