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2015 CSA shares now available! We are offering both Vegetable and Flower Share options. Vegetable Shares include 24 weeks of produce and are available in Full & Half sizes, starting at $435. Flower Shares include 12 weeks of beautiful blooms and are available in Bunch & Bouquet sizes starting at $95. Sign up today at We are a small, first-generation farm offering high quality, responsibly-grown produce and cut flowers to the Yamhill Valley. We grow what we love to eat, including more than 30 different vegetable crops, from arugula to winter squash. Over 100 varieties in total! We work hard to ensure we grow the highest quality and most delicious produce to feed you and your family. At Even Pull Farm, we also believe that beauty is as important a form of nourishment as vitamins & minerals: thus, we grow a beautiful assortment of cut flowers for bunches and bouquets. We love growing flowers and seeing the joy they bring to other people in our community. We are also passionate about stewarding our land, and use best practices to maintain soil vitality, provide habitat and food for pollinators, and to use sustainable practices for controlling pests, disease, and weeds. What we stand for is what we stand on!

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