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Bel Avenir means bright or beautiful future, and that's what we hope to create on our five acres. For us this means leaving the land better for our having cared for it; producing and consuming healthy foods that taste as good as they make us feel; quality time with family and friends; providing an experience for our children that builds life skills and a love of nature; pursuing work that is fulfilling, meaningful and financially sustainable; actively learning, creating and sharing knowledge. We offer the following, all free of pesticides, herbicides and antibiotics in GMO-free Jackson County: Grass Fed and Finished Lamb | Eggs from Pastured Hens | Seasonal Veggies, Fruit, Herbs | Photography Workshops | Educational Workshops | Farm Tours Member: OSU Land Stewards | Our Family Farms Coalition | Rogue Pasture Managers (RPM) | Certified Bee Friendly Farm | Pollinator Partnership

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