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In 2002, our family came up with the crazy idea to move out to North Frederick County, Maryland and build a house and farm for ourselves. Our driving desire was to teach our three sons the building trades, as well as how to live a healthy and independent life. We followed Gods leading and moved to our...Promised Land! As the chief cook for the crew, it was my desire to feed my family the healthiest foods on earth. That melded well with my enjoyment of gardening, homesteading and farming. God has given me a great love and talent for growing things. Animals, vegetables, you name it! I can probably grow it. In the years since, our dream home has been finished, our gardens established, our animals situated and most of our homesteading skills perfected. The learning process has borne much fruit and now I would like to share the harvest with you. Our Farm Philosophy The Dodson's Promised Land Farm philosophy is to grow what we offer you with the least interference possible. We believe God's way of doing things is always the best and healthiest way. We hold closely to an organic approach and keep our farm primarily free of chemicals and pesticides. Our nutritional principles reflect our membership and appreciation for the Weston A. Price Foundation. Our animals are raised on the highest quality feed and our bread baked with the finest wheat. Our herb and vegetable gardens have rich soil as their foundation. Our sheep produce top of the line wool. We have built our farm and family with this loving care in mind and we are excited to share the bounty of The Promised Land with you!

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