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We are a family farm, using responsible farming practices to produce all natural, safe, healthy, and nutritious: beef, chicken, turkeys, eggs, and dairy (available through herd shares). All of our animals are raised on pasture, and the poultry is supplemented with non-gmo grains. We never use hormones, routine antibiotics, appetite stimulants, or other additives in raising or processing the meats. Our BEEF is processed under USDA inspection at a reputable processing facility in Harrisonburg, VA, where each beef cut is carefully vacuum packaged, labeled and frozen. Beef is available for resale in bulk, or by the pound. Our CHICKEN & TURKEY products are processed on the farm, under a USDA exemption permit, and is meticulously processed and packaged. Poultry is available whole, or in packages of individual cuts: breast, wings, thighs, drumsticks. Our "large" to "Jumbo" size BROWN EGGS are from truly free-range hens, have bright orange yolks, and are gathered & sold fresh! We now offer DAIRY HERD SHARES, so that you may enjoy the benefits of fresh, raw milk from your own cow...without the daily milking or labor involved in keeping a cow. Contact us for information on signing up for your share, and you could be drinking fresh milk, and be making your own butter & cheeses in no time! Auburnlea farms also turned an old grainery barn on the farm into our FARM STORE, and we offer our meat products, other local food and hand crafted items, dried grains, beans, and nuts, and a wide variety of other baking supplies & dried goods. All products in the store are all-natural (if not certified organic), and are sourced as locally as possible (never outside the USA). Stop by for a visit; you'll be glad you did! Auburnlea Farms is committed to excellence~ From our farm to your table. We take seriously the role that we play in providing wholesome, safe food, and we hope you'll allow us to grow food for your family.

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