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WE ARE CURRENTLY RELOCATING. SORRY FOR ANY INCONVENIENCE !! We are located in northern NH, just minutes from the Vermont border, five miles north of Colebrook, and less than seven miles from the Canadian Border Crossing station. We recently moved up from Long Island, NY, and have begun our family farming adventure! A house-warming gift of 6 laying hens has become a full-time labour of love. Our happy hens are pasture-ranged and eat a grass-fed and all-natural diet-- what they want, how much they want, and when they want. We have expanded to well over 250 laying hens, using several heritage breeds, including Brown Leghorns, Barred Rocks, NH & Rhode Island Reds, Buckeyes and Partridge Chantecleers. (But none of our birds go into the stew pot--!!) Our eggs have been served at The Balsams Grand Resort Hotel. Our wool sheep are an eclectic mix of wool breeds--(some rescued from the sales in NJ after life as bottled-fed babies at a petting zoo.) They all know their names, and come running when we enter the pasture gate. Keeping a watchful eye over the whole crew is our Great Pyrenees livestock guard dogs. Those sheep enjoy a peaceful life now, no longer actively breeding, just grazing and munching on fresh produce as it becomes available...and being sheared once a year. Their wool is hand-sheared, hand-washed, hand-carded and hand-spun right here at the farm. Our Icelandic flock is in it's beginning stages-- chocolate, white, and cream colours so far. We have joined North Country Farm Fresh Co-op of Colebrook, and Small and Beginner Farmers of NH. We participate in local Farmers' Markets, and promote the sustainable, eat-local eat-healthy movement. We are a family run business that sells fresh eggs, hand-spun wool yarns, and baked-goods, as well as fruits and vegetables in season, and will soon be offering simple woodwork signs and camp items produced in our on-farm shop. Our USDA-NRCS High Tunnel will be arriving this summer, so watch for four-season veggies!

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