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Color Kranz Ranch is a small local family farm delving into raising pasture fed free ranging white Muscovy ducks. Our ducks are raised on pasture enjoying fresh air, natural light and plenty of room to exercise. They free range in our barnyard and pasture eating bugs, grains, grasses and what ever else they can find but never tasting medicated feed or any additives. They are born and raised on the farm specifically for butchering. They are humanely processed at a local USDA inspected and licensed facility. Muscovy duck is a connoisseur's duck offering a thin skin and richly-flavored, dark-red meat. These Muscovy ducks come from a farm that uses traditional methods and allow the ducks to grow to full maturity free ranging and housed in open barns, without any hormones or antibiotics. Because they are so lean, Muscovy duck meat has less fat and less calories per pound than turkey, so they render out less fat in cooking, creating a flavorful and healthy eating experience - which is why it's no surprise Europeans have been enjoying Muscovy duck for a long time, and the popularity of this duck is growing in the United States. We offer whole Muscovy Duck vacuum packaged and frozen.

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