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Capay Canyon Ranch continues a long family tradition of farming and processing in California. We have been almond growers since 1972 and in 1979 we became almond handlers. Three years later we planted organic flame table grapes in order to diversify. In 1996 we modernized our almond packing plant with the latest equipment in order to maximize our efficiency and increase quality of product. We now have a quality control program to enhance the production, enhance product safety and enforce compliance. Electric eye sorters, sizers, aspirators, gravity tables, plus hand-sorting are used to promote better quality product. Our markets include: Europe, North America, Central America, South America, Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, Middle East, Israel, India, and China. We handle almonds, shelled and in-shell, walnuts and table grapes. As almond packers, in order to ensure tractibility and reputble paper trail of all products, each bin is documented by grower, variety and size. We have built a strong and loyal grower base over the past 15 years. We have not had much grower turn-over as does happen so often in this competitive market. As far as the nutritional vaue of almonds: research studies have uncovered compelling evidence of nuts' health promoting effect. Most notably, nut consumption has been shown to lower total cholestrol and LDL cholestrol and has been associated with decreased risk of cardiovascular disease. Additionally, nuts are nutrient dense, contributing many "hard to get" nutrients, as well as a variety of phytochemicals, to the diet.

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