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Located in Sheridan, Oregon I strive to grow the most nutrient-dense meats, milk, and eggs as possible, while farming in a way that is healing to the land, animals, and people. In January of 2012, I had the exciting chance to visit Joel Salatin's Polyface Farm for a four-day stay. I was originally hoping to get a position as a summer intern, but that didn't happen. However, my stay at the farm was a crash course in how the Salatin's run their enormously successful farm, and it has fueled a fire within me to follow suit and heal the land one bite at a time. I raise purebred Nubian dairy goats, Jersey cows, pastured chicken, pastured turkeys, pastured rabbits, pastured eggs, pastured pork, and hope to soon add salad bar beef to the mix. By using Polyface methods, I make every effort to raise our animals as they were meant to: Herbivores such as goats and cows are allowed graze on fresh pasture, chickens are allowed to eat forage and bugs, and scratch to their hearts delight. Rabbits are raised on grass, pigs get to root in the dirt. Each animals is allowed to live as they were designed. My farm isn't perfect, but I'm always working on making it better and better. It's a grand time, folks. Please visit my website for more information about Goat Song Farm!

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