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Here at CJ's we have a lot to offer. You can purchase organically grow Heirloom starts, plants or produce. We grow all of our plants in living soil made up of OMRI listed coco fiber, worm casting, soil, perlite, and vitamins. They are individually planted and cared for in our garden. There are over 500 different vegetables to choose from. We also offer fruit trees and bushes, and over 200 herbs. We sale garden supplies to help you in your garden as well. You can buy coco blocks, worm castings, soil, pots, containers, plant boxes and raised beds. If you don't have the time and or knowledge we offer full garden services. We will set up, establish and maintain your garden for you. If you prefer we also offer a CSA weekly basket filled with locally grown and harvested organic heirloom produce. It will be delivered the same day it's harvested.* During Fall/Winter seasons some products are from cold storage. The items were harvested earlier in the season, such as winter squash.

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