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Grand View Farm Grand View Farm is a pasture-based farm that is focused on organically grown, local food that is produced in a way that simultaneously heals the land. Our customers come out to enjoy the farm and purchase their beef, pork, chicken and eggs from our on-farm store or through our website and home delivery. Our 100% grass fed cattle are rotated around the pastures followed by our egg layer chickens in a symbiotic, soil-building relationship that mimics nature. The pigs inhabit the wooded areas and pastures of the farm, adding an important element to its holistic aspects. Rotated like the cattle and chickens, these pigs lightly disturb the woodland floor, trim the brush and fertilize the ground. The broiler chickens are in floor-less "chicken tractors" that are lined up across the pastures and moved daily to a fresh patch of grass. The broilers arrive on the farm as day-old peeps, live their lives outdoors in clean, healthy environments until they are culled here on the farm.

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