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We are just getting started on our farm, so join us for the adventure! Our goals are to develop a farm that provides good, healthy food for our family and the community, while enhancing the native ecosystems we live in. Our farm is a tall grass prairie flowing down into a saline wetland, with at least three springs that we've found so far. (Our name inspiration :) We are excited and humbled by the opportunity to steward these two rare ecosystems. We are using Holistic Management and Permaculture to begin a journey toward a farm with gardens, fruits, and nut trees up around the house and pasture-based livestock throughout the rest. We are working to foster biodiversity, in our gardens with heirloom varieties and companion/guild planting, in the pasture through stacking of heritage breeds of beef and Guernsey dairy cattle followed by free-ranging laying hens and broiler pens (a la Salatin), and in the wilds by encouraging diverse habitat. If you'd ever like to come see what we're up to, do some bird watching on the wetland, or pet the chicks and calves, we'd love for you to come see us!

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