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Cycle Farm is a 3 acre farm in Spearfish Valley. We have been farming full-time since 2012. We grow diverse, non-certified organic fruit and vegetable crops for a CSA, farm stand, and local restaurants. We also raise and sell pastured poultry. A bit about our philosophy and practices. At Cycle Farm, we: produce food that is diverse, chemical-free and naturally grown. grow for flavor and nutrition, rather than ease of shipping and shelf-life. preferentially grow open-pollinated and regional varieties. use no-till, full-circle, sustainable farming practices to both build soil and grow food. seek methods that limit off-farm inputs, enhance land health, and encourage ecological diversity. work to build community resilience in Spearfish Valley by growing food for our neighbors. foster community engagement and education regarding our local food system. aim to connect with and promote this region's agricultural, land-based roots.

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