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Epic Gardens CSA 2012 serves area convenient to South Richmond, Virginia. Details at Moon Cake and Randolph varieties of Edamame Soybean Seed and fresh Edamame in season. We also broker Edamame to large retailers and also sell directly to shoppers at farmers' markets. Open Pollinated seeds, including heirloom bean varieties and indigenous plants for farmscaping, such as Passion Flower, Evening Primrose, Yarrow, Queen Anne's Lace, Queen of the Meadow, Butterfly Weed. We have a Summer Camp for Grown-Ups and teach about Sustainable Agriculture, Community Food Systems, Organic Gardening, including short sessions to churches, garden clubs and other civic groups. SOL related youth programs for both after school and school day, and longer programs in a seminar format We also provide Design Services for small, sustainable businesses. We can design your website and give you art work for small run paper promotional material, including business cards, brochures and point of sale materials. We are economical and straightforward.

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