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Caveny Farm has Bourbon Red Heritage turkeys for your Holiday dinners. These tasty turkeys were the favorite farm raised turkey before the development of the double breasted varieties in the late 1940s. They are hands down the best turkey you will ever eat! Now taking orders for Thanksgiving 2016. TO PLACE AN ORDER -- please go to WWW.CAVENYFARM.COM. Birds may be picked up on farm, at Prairie Fruits Farm near Urbana before Thanksgiving or at one of 2 Chicago area locations the weekend before the holiday. Please note our turkeys are flash frozen to maintain peak flavor and assure safer handling. Smoked Bourbon Reds are "cured" with a vegetable juice cure, not a nitrite/nitrate cure. Caveny Farm has been raising Bourbon Reds for almost 15 years. We were recognized as a Slow Food "Rare Breed Farmer". Our Slow Food heritage turkeys are raised on pastures with fresh air and room to exercise. All of our poultry gets a custom-formulated feed to supplement the pastures. No hormones or antibiotics. Visits are welcomed during the growing season, especially for youngsters, but please call ahead as we are a working farm.

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