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Butte Mountain Farm is a small farm nestled in the Sierra Foothills. All vegetables and other products are grown and raised following organic guidelines. Chickens are fed certified organic feed and roam over a large area. Their eggs are sold at the local farmers' markets (May-Oct), in Sacramento Farmers' markets, at the local natural food store, through Motherlode Harvest and directly to people who want to be notified via the e-mail list. Beeswax candles are also made here and available for sale. The Rambouilett / Cormo cross sheep have extremely soft fleeces for the hand spinners and some spun skeins of yarn are available for sale. Whole lamb, butchered on the farm, is available for sale each year. These are grass fed animals. Extremely soft, wonderfuly tanned sheepskin hides are for sale. Chickens as stewing birds are butchered on the farm and offered for sale. Soy Free meat and eggs are available.

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