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Four Winds Farm is a family owned and operated, grass based farm raising 100% grass-fed Angus beef which is high in heart healthy Omega-3 fatty acids. We offer eaters in our region the oppertunity to know the farmers and the farm directly. We farm utilizing organic methods but are not certified at this time. All animals are raised on pasture during the 'green' season. Our cattle have access to shelter and pastures year round. We use herbal medicinals, antibiotics to save a cows life,(only 3 times in 6 years) never use hormones. Our PastuRaised TM Natural Beef is lean and flavorful. Available by the piece or by the quarter direct from our licenced on-farm retail frezer. Meats are processed at nearby State and Federal inspected locker plants by family run busineses. Farm also has 10,000 year old native prairie, wetland ponds and hedgerows to encourage biodiversity. Please call ahead if you would like to visit!

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