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The Flying Cowgirls, Carla and Keighley, raise grass fed, grass finished Longhorn and Angus cattle. Our cattle have lived their lives on grass, without being shipped to a feedlot to spend their last days being penned up with strangers and given antibiotics, or hormones, nor fed grain to unnaturally fatten them up. We never purchase cattle from the sale barn to sell to you because we cannot attest to how they were raised. Ours are raised with gentle patience. We believe that all that care, and no stress, makes for fabulous beef. Longhorn beef is generally a bit leaner than the Angus beef. Both have that wonderful flavor you can only achieve on grass. We sell ground beef, chili beef, stew beef, and occasionally have rib eye roasts and tenderloin for sale. If you live within 100 miles of Dallas, are close to a little airport and order 50 pounds, we'll deliver your order in the Flying Cowgirl flying station wagon! (We love to fly, that's why we are the Flying Cowgirls!!)

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