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Fridley Creek Farm is located in the heart of Paradise Valley, Montana. Fridley Creek rambles through the property where our chickens are raised. The chickens are raised for their egg production in an environment friendly to the natural needs of our hens. The chickens are allowed to graze freely in our pasturelands. As well as given a free choice diet of Montana produced feed. This feed is animal bi-product free and fully vegetarian. These chickens live a happy life that is chemical free. We pride ourselves on having happy, healthy chickens. And the goodness of their eggs reflects that. We raise a mix of heritage breeds - Light Brahmas as well as red and black stars. The gardens this year will be more than doubling in size. We are hoping to expand our supplies of lettuce blends and salad mixes. The opportunity to expand our bean and pea selections is also available with more space. Look for our produce at local farmers markets and grocery outlets. You can find our seasonal produce and farm fresh eggs at the North Entrance Food Farm Shopping Center. Deliveries are early in the week, usually by 8am. Fresh out of the garden! See our website for more details about our farm and farm tours. We are always happy to introduce our work force to our neighbors.

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