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We raise Scottish Highland Cattle for fine beef, breeding stock, and as pasture ornaments. Highland beef is well marbled, tender and flavorful. There is little outside waste fat since Highlands are insulated by double coat of hair (a downy undercoat and long topcoat)rather than a thick layer of fat. They mature at a later age than commercial beef breeds. This contributes to their beefy taste. Beef is available at the farm by the quarter, half, or whole. We dry age your beef from 14 to 21 days. Your beef is dry aged - not wet aged. The entire beef hangs in a climate controlled refrigeration unit. Evaporation and aging tenderizes the beef and concentrates the flavors. This is what gives you the great flavor of dry aged beef. This dry aging gives you the great flavor, not only in steaks, but also in your roasts and ground beef. We just feel you get the best beef flavor by allowing the cattle to develop a little longer and then dry aging the entire beef. We hope you do too.

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