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The Garlic Farm sells freshly harvested vegetables directly to consumers from its barn in the historic farming valley of West Granby, Connecticut, just a few miles up route 20 from the town center of Granby. Though the farm takes its name from the crop that was our original specialty, we now devote just as many acres to tomatoes and peppers as to the garlic. We grow the most popular summer vegetables, raised according to the guidelines of the Northeast Organic Farming Association. We specialize in tomatoes (hybrid & heirloom), peppers (sweet & hot), eggplant, and, of course, onions & garlic & related alliums, including leeks and shallots--all sold directly to the public from the farm and now at one nearby farmers' market. The farm includes a modest CSA program, now in its fourth season. The Garlic Farm is an owner-operated small-scale family farm. The farm opens for two weekends in June to sell garlic scapes. The season opens for real on the Saturday after Independence Day: thereafter, the market in the barn is open from 10 am till 6 pm, every day until the frost slows down harvest in October. See our web site for more about the farm and recipes for our summer produce.

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