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We believe that the very best food for you is produced through naturally and humanely raised animals. In this mission we take great care in raising our livestock as close as possible to the way God intended when he created the animal. Our chickens and pigs are allowed to run free to fully express their chickeness and pigness. Our piglets are heritage breed Large Black and/or Large Black crosses, and are all born on pasture with no assistance from us, they spend their entire lives on fresh pasture with their family groups. We also raise chickens for egg laying and meat. Our meat birds are Freedom rangers raised on pasture. Our egg layers are a mix of Buffs, Reds, Astrolops, and Americana, they are all free ranging and enjoy all the freedoms a chicken could ever ask for. Each year we also raise a handful of Heritage Royal Palm turkeys for Thanksgiving; they are raised on pasture as well.

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